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— Can I use Agnus Day in my church publications?
Yes! Agnus Day comic strips are offered for you to use free of charge in any publication (paper, projected or web) that is produced as part of your ministry.

We ask that you print the following near the cartoon:
"Agnus Day appears with the permission of"

Furthermore, we ask that you register your use by snailmailing a copy of your publication to:

Agnus Day
c/o James Wetzstein
7616 Maple Avenue
Gary, Indiana 46403

If you're using Agnus Day on a website, please send the URL to
— Can I commission an Agnus Day strip or artwork?
You bet! Just email the boys at with your request and we'll see what we can work out.

Depending on your needs or the planned use, there may be a charge for this service. Just so you know.
— Is there a way to have the weekly comic on my website?
Yes there is! The week's comic will be held under the directory and we ask that the image is a link to the 'AgnusDay' website.

Here is the code that you can simply drag and drop in your page's html source:

<a href="" target="_blank" title="">
<img src="" width="640" border="0"></a>
— Can I get the comics by email?

Yes you can! Just add your email to the panel below. It will not be shared with any third party.

— How do I change my subscription address?

It’s a quick two-step process.

First, send a blank email from your old address to:

Then, from your new address send a blank email to:

— What's this "RSS feed" thing?
An RSS feed is a cool way to know, from your web browser, when we’ve put up a new comic.

Just click on HERE or on the link to the left that reads AgnusDay RSS Feed and you’ll be taken to a web page with a blue banner across the top, labelled “Agnus Day – comics”. Bookmark this page and, from now on, the bookmark on your browser will indicate when new comics have been posted.

Subscribers who use the RSS feed will be forgiven the transgression of ending their email subscription by means of a plenary indulgence.

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